How to Divert Calls on MTN: A Comprehensive Guide


Call Forwarding is a handy feature that allows you to forward incoming calls to another phone number or voicemail. It comes in handy when you can’t answer the phone or need to temporarily forward calls to another number. In this article, we will explore how to forward calls to MTN, one of the leading mobile service providers in many countries.


What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding, often known as call forwarding, is a telecommunications feature that allows users to forward incoming calls to an alternate number or voicemail. This feature is invaluable for making sure you never miss an important call even if you can’t answer the phone.


Benefits of Call Forwarding

Call forwarding offers several benefits, including:


Never miss important calls: By diverting your calls, you can ensure that even when you are busy or unavailable, you will not miss important calls.

Privacy and convenience: You can forward calls to another number to ensure your privacy or divert calls on the go.

Efficiency: Call forwarding increases your ability to manage your communications effectively.

How to forward calls to MTN

Forward calls to MTN using short codes

MTN offers a direct way to divert calls using short codes. Follow these steps:


Open the phone dialer.

Dial the short code to forward the call, which is usually 21.

Follow the prompts and enter the number you want to forward calls to.

Confirm the redirect.

Forward calls to MTN using phone settings

Open the “Settings” app on your phone.

Go to “Phone” or “Call” settings.

Find the “Call Forwarding” or “Call Forwarding” option.

Select “Forward All Calls” or a similar option.

Enter the number to which you want to forward calls.

Save the settings.

Common use cases for call forwarding

Timetable: When you have a busy schedule or are in a meeting, call forwarding makes sure you don’t miss important calls.

Travel: When you travel, forward your calls to a local number to avoid roaming charges.

Remote work: Forward calls to your home office or mobile phone while working remotely.

Cost implications of forwarding calls to MTN

It is essential to be aware of any costs associated with forwarding calls to MTN. Additional fees may apply depending on your plan. Please contact MTN for detailed pricing information.


Troubleshooting call forwarding

Insufficient credit

If you don’t have enough credit, you may not be able to forward calls. Make sure your account has sufficient balance.


Incorrect diversion number

Check that you have entered the correct call forwarding number.


Network problems

Sometimes network issues can interfere with call forwarding. Make sure you have a stable connection.


Security and privacy concerns

While call forwarding is convenient, it’s important to consider the security and privacy implications. Always be careful when forwarding calls to unknown numbers.

Alternatives to call forwarding

If you’re concerned about call forwarding, you can explore alternatives such as Do Not Disturb or custom voicemail greetings.


Call Forwarding on MTN Business Plans

MTN offers specialized call forwarding options for business plans, providing enhanced features and customization to meet business needs.


Call forwarding customer support

For any problems or queries regarding call forwarding to MTN, you can contact their customer support.

Tips for effective call forwarding

Update your redirect settings regularly to suit your needs.

Make sure you have a voicemail for callers in case you can’t answer the phone.


Call forwarding to MTN is a valuable feature that ensures you stay connected even when you can’t pick up the phone. By following the simple steps given in this article, you can divert your calls effectively and never miss an important conversation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is call forwarding to MTN a paid service?


The cost of call forwarding may vary depending on your MTN plan. Contact MTN for pricing details.

Can I forward calls abroad with MTN?


Yes, MTN offers international call forwarding services. Additional fees may apply.

What happens if I forward calls to a number that is disabled?


If the forwarded number is turned off or unavailable, the call usually goes to voicemail.

How can I disable call forwarding on MTN?


You can disable call forwarding by following the same steps as activating it, but select the option to turn it off.

Is call forwarding safe?


Although call forwarding is generally safe, it is essential to only forward calls to trusted numbers to maintain your privacy and security.

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