storm reid parents: A look into the family behind a rising star

storm reid parents


In the glamorous world of Hollywood, Storm Reid has been a name making waves for quite some time now. The young actress, known for her exceptional talent and captivating performances, has a bright future ahead of her. But who are the individuals responsible for nurturing the talent of this rising star and guiding her through the challenges of fame? In this article, we delve into the lives of storm reid parents, Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid, to reveal the story behind the actress we all admire.


Robyn Simpson – Mother Support

A woman of many talents

Robyn Simpson, Storm Reid’s mother, is more than just a supportive parent. She is a woman of remarkable talent in her own right. As a consummate entrepreneur and creative visionary, Robyn always encouraged Storm to follow her dreams and express herself freely.


Bond with her daughter

Robyn shares an incredibly close bond with Storm. Their mother-daughter relationship was instrumental in Storm’s journey to success. Robyn’s unwavering support gave Storm the confidence to shine in the competitive world of Hollywood.


Rodney Reid – father figure

A man of wisdom

Rodney Reid, Storm’s father, is a figure of wisdom and guidance in her life. A successful businessman, he instilled in Storm the values ​​of hard work and determination from a young age. Rodney’s constant presence has been a source of strength for Storm throughout her career.


Encouraging personal growth

Rodney’s emphasis on personal growth and self-discovery played a significant role in shaping Storm’s character. He believes it’s important to stay grounded and true to yourself, no matter how high the stakes.


Caring for Storm’s talents

Early beginnings

Robyn and Rodney recognized Storm’s passion for acting from a young age. They enrolled her in acting courses and supported her every step of the way. Storm’s talent blossomed under their guidance, leading her to her first breakthrough role in “12 Years a Slave.”


Balancing education and fame

Storm’s parents also prioritize her education. They understand the importance of a well-rounded upbringing and ensure that Storm continues her studies alongside her acting career. This commitment to education helped Storm maintain a healthy balance between stardom and a normal childhood.


Storm Reid – Rising Star

Breakthrough moments

Storm Reid’s journey to fame has been filled with remarkable breakthrough moments. Her role in the critically acclaimed film “A Wrinkle in Time” catapulted her to international recognition and she continued to amaze audiences with her talent in subsequent projects.


A support network

Behind every successful actor is a support network, and Storm Reid’s parents played a key role in creating that foundation. Their unconditional love and encouragement allowed Storm to confidently follow her dreams and reach for the stars.



In the world of entertainment, it’s not all about glitz and glamour; it is also about the support and guidance one receives along the way. Storm Reid’s parents, Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid, have been pillars of strength in her journey. Their unwavering support, belief in her talent and dedication to her well-being shaped Storm into the remarkable actress we all admire today.



  1. How did Storm Reid’s parents react to her decision to pursue acting?

Storm Reid’s parents, Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid, were incredibly supportive of her decision to pursue acting. They recognized her passion and enrolled her in acting classes to develop her talent.


  1. What is Robyn Simpson’s background?

Robyn Simpson is a consummate entrepreneur and creative visionary. She played a significant role in Storm Reid’s upbringing and career.


  1. Does Storm Reid prioritize education in addition to her acting career?

Yes, Storm Reid’s parents prioritize her education. They ensure that she continues her studies alongside her acting career to maintain a well-rounded upbringing.


  1. What was Storm Reid’s breakout role?

The breakthrough role of Storm Reid was in the movie “12 Years a Slave”. However, she gained international recognition for her role in the film “A Wrinkle in Time”.


  1. How did Storm Reid’s parents contribute to her success?

Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid have been unwavering in their support and encouragement of Storm’s talent. They provided her with the foundation and guidance needed to succeed in the entertainment industry.

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