How Equity Realization Affects Your Poker Game

To play online poker of slot thailand successfully and effectively, you need to understand the factors that can make or break your game. When your opponent’s hand is unknown, there are few ways to know what they might have. This is where the realization of equity comes into play and utilizing it is one great way to improve your skills and take you to the next level in the game.

What is Poker Equity?

First of all, we should define the terms involved. Raw equity is the expected share of the pot, in percentage terms, that a hand would win in the event of a fight. You know when you watch a poker game on TV and they show the percentage in the corner? That’s equity. However, when your opponent’s hand is unknown, you’re actually considering the equity of your hand against your opponent’s range.

What is Equity Realization?

So, what is equity realization? First, it’s important to understand raw equity, which is the average percentage of the pot that a hand is expected to win. More specifically, it considers the opponent’s range. It’s easy to get carried away when holding a strong hand, even though it doesn’t guarantee victory. Comparing your hand to your opponent’s potential hand is an important method to play profitably as it helps you take calculated risks.

For example, if the dealer puts up a 2, 2, 7, jack and queen, while you hold a 2 and 9, you need to consider your chances of winning. Yes, you have three-of-a-kind, but it’s important to note that your opponent has a full house range that ranks much higher. Equity realization is the percentage that a hand can win based on its raw equity and all post-flop variables. By applying this process, you give yourself a solid foundation for success.

However, the rise of online poker means that millions of people are playing around the world. Some play aggressively, while others don’t. Be sure to remember that players bluff and may pretend to hold the highest-ranked cards available. Understanding your opponent’s betting behavior is a great way to understand a player’s strategy.

How to Calculate Your Hand Equity

Your hand equity should influence your poker strategy as this doesn’t happen all the time, but most of the time. Remember that it’s important to maintain a level of spontaneity to keep your opponents guessing. However, if your hand equity is low, you should usually fold. On the other hand, you should continue your involvement in the round if your equity is high. Calculating your hand equity requires several factors to be considered. These include range, skill, stack, and hand strength.


This coincides with your position around the poker table. Players with the strongest range have the highest equity, so they are the most aggressive when betting. When defending your big blind, there are more opportunities to gain high equity when facing players who raise the button than opponents who are under the gun.


Playing online poker for real money exposes you to thousands of players, each with their own experience and expertise. Even if you already know how to play pokerin situs togel, every round requires careful thought. Understanding the capabilities of your opponents is an important part of equity realization. It’s important to make mental notes about player behavior throughout the game. If the opponent you are facing in the round has not used continuation bets on the flop often.

Then you have higher equity than those who do it often. It’s easy to see players only bet when they have a strong hand and make sure you don’t fall into this trap. A player’s ability is measured by his betting behavior. Knowing when to check, bet, or fold is essential for a rewarding game. Online poker games can last for several hours, meaning patience and knowing when to strike are key.


Understanding the stack is another good indicator of the equity of your hand. Counting stacks is the process of dividing the pot by the shortest stack present in the hand. Overall, the higher the stack to pot ratio, the greater your equity.

Hand Strength

Generally, the stronger your hand, the higher your equity. However, with so many game variables to dissect, it’s important to play smart when holding a strong hand. Remember, there are other hand combinations up for grabs and you should keep in mind what hands could beat you and anticipate the possibility of that happening.

Also, the tighter the cards are, the higher the equity will be. Why is that? Because before the dealer lays the cards on the table, you will have a relatively higher chance of getting a straight (and so on.) The same goes for a flush when holding two cards of the same suit.

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